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OpenStack’s killer features are its openness and flexibility. Freedom from lock-in, implementation transparency, and access to innovation all stem from these principles at the root of the ecosystem. Mirantis OpenStack takes that exact same approach.


Mirantis OpenStack is the only commercially supported OpenStack distribution that enables you to deploy and run OpenStack bits shipped by a variety of vendors. You can deploy Mirantis-supported stable trunk packages, Red Hat Enterprise OpenStack platform, and Ubuntu OpenStack–all via a single control plane and choose which environment to use for production and dev test purposes. In addition to choice in core OpenStack packages, Mirantis OpenStack comes with a number of commercially supported plug-ins for hypervisors and storage back-ends.

All open

Our engineers and our software development processes are fundamentally committed to open community norms and practices, tightly tracking the open source model without commercial holdbacks or restrictive licensing.

Top contributor

Mirantis is the only pure-play OpenStack company among the Top 5 contributors to the upstream OpenStack code base, across projects. Developers of Mirantis OpenStack are code committers to core and related OpenStack projects.

Stackalytics Contributions  to OpenStack

Fast release cadence

Unlike other vendors who can lag behind the community by anywhere from three to 12 months, we’ve consistently offered an updated stable Mirantis OpenStack release every two months, ensuring you get immediate access to open source innovation without getting stuck on an orphaned fork.

Mirantis OpenStack Commit Activity

Community advocacy

Mirantis engineers are deeply involved in driving OpenStack open source innovation to customers, and driving customer requirements into the OpenStack community code base. As a result of real-world experience gains across scores of production deployments, we pioneered a range of related OpenStack projects including Sahara for Hadoop, Murano for Windows, and Fuel for Deployment.

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