Plug-ins and Drivers

At the source, choice

As the #1 pure-play OpenStack vendor, the Mirantis approach is to help companies adopt OpenStack free from proprietary product portfolio strategies or commercial bundling lock-in. Mirantis OpenStack lets you take full advantage of OpenStack’s inherent philosophy of vendor agnosticism and pluggability. That’s why we offer commercial support for a broad selection of OpenStack plug-ins and drivers, so you can better leverage your existing infrastructure investments.

Choose your operating system

  • Run Mirantis OpenStack on top of most mainstream Linux distributions including Red Hat, CentOS, and Ubuntu.
  • Through our deep relationship and commercial backing from Red Hat, as well as our partnerships with Canonical and SUSE, the Mirantis support can serve as a point of resolution for issues in the entire cloud infrastructure stack.

Choose your hypervisor

  • Use Mirantis OpenStack as a single control plane for your various virtualization environments plus commercial support for OpenStack plug-ins:
    • KVM
    • vSphere/ESXi
    • XenServer

Choose your storage infrastructure

  • A variety of storage back-ends
  • GUI driven configuration and management of Ceph for object and block storage via Fuel
  • Commercial support for OpenStack Cinder drivers for mainstream storage vendors, including NetApp, EMC, and Compellent

Choose your network management solution

  • Automated setup for basic OpenStack network virtualization configurations via Fuel
  • Commercial support for advanced SDN plug-ins for OpenStack Neutron, including Juniper Contrail and VMware NSX

Support across the expanding ecosystem of OpenStack drivers and plug-ins

OpenStack makes it possible for IT platform suppliers to innovate by making a range of drivers and plug-ins and participate in the open source cloud. However, taking advantage of these plug-ins and getting them operational in real-world IaaS environments often requires arcane expertise, particularly when integrated across multiple services. Consider these advantages: 

  • OpenStack adopters can take advantage of the drivers and deploy them reliably in production using the open source Fuel project, backed by commercial support and integration within Mirantis OpenStack. 
  • Juniper, Mellanox, and Inktank have already leveraged the community process and Mirantis’ real-world experience to integrate with Fuel.
  • Mirantis solution services can also provide custom development to add or enhance OpenStack support for specific vendors and products.