Key related OpenStack projects

Mirantis OpenStack offers the latest innovations from the open source community with the testing and reliability you look for in enterprise software, without forcing you to compromise on flexibility. It lets you deploy either Mirantis-supported trunk packages or other commercial distros. And, it includes commercial support for select OpenStack incubated projects as well as key related projects:

Mirantis OpenStack Express
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Fuel for Deployment and management

Successful production-scale OpenStack deployments start with Fuel, the community project pioneered by Mirantis to deploy OpenStack IaaS clouds at scale. Fuel gives you access to the latest community innovations, with tools that speed time to benefit, including automated hardware discovery, network verification, operating systems provisioning, and OpenStack deployment. With a user-friendly browser interface, it helps streamline the complexities of OpenStack installation to a straightforward series of clicks.

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Murano Application Catalog

Murano provides the flexibility of push button deployment of pre-configured cloud-based applications from a user-accessible catalog. Its service allows non-experienced users to deploy reliable Windows- and Linux-based environments with push-button convenience via the Horizon console and a ReST API. Its key objective is to enable operation of sophisticated guest environments in an OpenStack cluster.

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Sahara for Hadoop and Data Processing

The power and popularity of the Hadoop data platform has created demand for more elastic implementation and deployment approaches. Sahara brings Hadoop to OpenStack, and lets your development teams dynamically provision clusters with mainstream Hadoop distributions at a push of a button. Developed in concert by Mirantis, HortonWorks, Red Hat and other key players in the OpenStack ecosystem, it features predefined templates of Hadoop configurations and provides built-in communications with core OpenStack services including Horizon, Keystone, Nova, Glance and Swift.

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